Flag Subscription

Show your pride in the USA and support the Onalaska High School Band with a subscription to the United States Flag Service. Onalaska Band Members will place a 3 X 5 ft U.S. flag on an 8-foot pole in your yard from dawn to dusk.  The flags are 100% Made in the USA!

This is the first year that the Onalaska Band has provided this service. With our #1 Core Value being Community, The Onalaska Band is proud to participate in this service!

For a subscription price of $60 per flag, a flag(s) will be placed in your yard on each of the five major flag holidays: 

Not only will you be showing your American pride, but you will also be assisting in the financial health of one of the greatest student organizations in Onalaska!

Click here for FAQs or a flyer about this amazing program. To pay by check, print the flyer and mail it in with your payment.

You can also fill out the form below and use a credit card to subscribe or make a tax-deductible donation to The Onalaska Band instead of a subscription. (A small processing fee will apply to online purchases).

Flag Subscription - FAQs

What if I purchase the US Flag Service midyear?
Your service will start on the next flag holiday and continue until you have received 5 flag installations.  Please note: your subscription order must be received no fewer than 5 business days before the next flag holiday to have a flag installed on that day. Subscriptions received after that time will begin on the following flag holiday.

What subscription options do you offer?
We offer 2 options:

Can I have more than one flag in my yard?
You may request multiple flags using the online payment form. Once you select the desired length of your subscription, a new option will appear, asking how many flags you would like to receive each holiday.

Is it possible to gift a flag subscription to someone else?
Yes! Flag subscriptions are wonderful gifts to honor veterans, family members, friends, and neighbors. Please enter the recipient’s name and address, followed by your contact information. Note that the recipient must be located in the Onalaska High School zone. If not, you will need to contact the high school band program for which the address is zoned.

May I order a flag for my business?
We are happy to place a flag at your place of business as long as it is located in Onalaska.

How will the flag be mounted in my yard?
We will insert a length of re-bar approximately 6 inches deep into your lawn, and approximately 2 feet back from the
curb directly in line with your front door. We then place the flagpole onto the spike. This creates a firm base that is durable for one day, and which can easily be removed with minimal impact to your lawn.

Will my HOA allow this flag in my yard?

Please check with your HOA and let us know what the policies are

Do I have to be present when my flag is installed?

No. Flags will be placed within about 3’ of the corner formed by your driveway and the sidewalk/street.

Can I choose where the flag is placed in my yard?
We will try to place your flag in line with your front door, approximately 2 feet back from the curb. If you would prefer a different specific location, please indicate this on your order form or If you are present when the installers show up, you can request in person and they will do their best to accommodate it.  If you have irrigation or an electric pet fence that will be affected at 2 feet back from the curb, please indicate this on your order form so we can be aware of it.

What if there is a tree or other obstacle at the prescribed installation location?

Our installers will adjust the location appropriately to make sure the flag can fly freely.

What if you break a sprinkler pipe during installation?

Hopefully, this won’t happen. But if it does, of course, we will fix it right away.

Flag etiquette reminders: The US Flag should not be flown during inclement weather. If bad weather occurs, the flag should be enjoying the shelter of your home or garage. 

Flags that are flying at night should be illuminated. Do we get a light with our flag?

No. But you are encouraged to place a small spotlight in your yard to light up your flag at night (but please don’t blind your neighbors!). An inexpensive solar-powered one would probably work great.

What if there is no flag in my yard on the expected holiday?
Occasionally a yard will get missed. If this should happen, please email us at onalaskabands@onalaskaschools.com to let us know
and we will get a flag out to you ASAP! Should this not happen in a timely fashion, we will extend your
subscription to include 5 holidays.

How do I renew the service for another year?
We will send you an email offering you the option to renew for another year. Simply print the form and mail it
in with your check, or pay online.

When does my order need to be placed so that I can receive a flag for the next holiday?
Orders must be received by us no later than five business days before the next patriotic holiday for installation on that date.

What do we do if we move in the middle of our subscription period?

Congratulations on your new home!

I live in an apartment. Is there any way for me to participate?

Unfortunately, we are unable to place flags at apartments at this time.

What do I do if I have a question not answered here?
Email us at onalaskabands@onalaskaschools.com and we will be happy to assist you!